Circle That 'A'!
Do You Fear Something?
It Must Suck To Be You
More Than Animals

Circle That 'A'!
Goin' To Town
2.7 Kids
Couch Falafel
Stock Exchange
How Many Times? (Rich-Poor-Class-War)
My Life, My Choice
Waiting For You (D.O.A. Cover)
Bakersfield Slaughter
Test Anxiety
Wage Slave
Genital Wart
Nuke Me Slowly
I Hate The Lord
O.C. Scene

Do You Fear Something?
Go-Go Power Rangers
Toxic Shampoo
Queer Thoughts

It Must Suck To Be You
Jesus H. Christ
Bear Ill of Monkeys
I Hate You
Killer Neighbor
Operation Unabomber
Born To Die
Bill's On TV Again
Anal Probe

Hear Hymn
Corporate Scam
NASAnimal Killers
Star 69
The Crazy Lady
Duran Sirhan
You Don't Own Me
Happy Birthday! You're Gonna Die
JJ The Wage Slave Whale
Hump America...
...And Your Buddha Too
OC Scene II
I Love Tofu

More Than Animals
Rape Baby
Ben Dover
Fuck Up
Day By Day
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Wiki Leaks
Spange Obama
I'm Joe Biden
A Perfect Life
Not For You
CNN Bullshit
Jesus Is Coming! Look Busy!
99 Cent Whore
Why Won't You Die?
Human Doings


You sit and complain something’s got to be done
But what can you do when you’re the only one?
You can’t start a revolution all alone!
But it takes just one person to throw a stone!
It’s useless to be all bark and no bite
If you don’t like the system, then you should fight
Walk in a picket line or in a massive march
Today, not tomorrow, it’s got to start
Use ink or paint to write when it gets too dark
It’s a powerful weapon to light the spark
Feed the fire and it will begin to grow
But we must act now! We’re moving too slow
We must act now before everyone dies
We can’t be overcome by hate, fear and lies
There may be no tomorrow! It may never be here
Still the fate of our future has to be clear
If you won’t do it tell me who
I’m afraid a revolution is up to you
Don’t wait for me or anyone else
If you want it to change, then change it yourself
You can’t be silent. It’s time to fight back
All you need to do is merely attack
You’ve dreamed your visions and cried your tears
It’s time to act up. You’ve wasted for years
Paint in a light bulb will work just fine
Throw it just right to take out a sign
You can make a bomb from baking soda and a pipe
A little pool chlorine will make it ripe
From years of programming your fate was made
Just tear it all down. Don’t be afraid
You have to act now before it’s too late
You can’t let society decide your fate
Empty your bottle and drink it fast
Grab a rag and grab some gas
Fill the bottle with gas. Use the rag as a cap
Now you got a revolution tool in a snap
Get to your feet and enter the night
It’s time to organize and fight
In a quiet dark alley belonging to your foe
Sneak up quietly and get ready to throw
Make sure your lighter has flint and fuel
It’s mandatory to energize your tool
Light the rag and chuck the load
Then flee to safety as it explodes
You burn their oppression from history
Now you’re off to help others be free
With every action there is more and more hope
It’s only through the revolution that we can cope

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Goin’ To Town

Going to town (x3)
Gonna buy my guns some rounds
Going to town (x2)
Gonna buy you all around
Going to town
Building a bomb (x3)
Gonna take you all along
Building a bomb (x2) Gonna take you fuckers along
Building a bomb

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Oh Rick! Only you can save us from this awful hell
I remember when I’d watch you everything was swell
You would always kill so many bad guys and no one would complain
But the invasion just continued like they were insane

Minmay was your lover, Lisa and others too
I guess there wasn’t anybody that you wouldn’t screw
You always had a special woman in which to plant your seed
You’re such a lady’s man. A true macho stud indeed

Now you fight for protoculture and use it all for gas
It’s nice to see the future learns nothing from the past
Be sure to fight and slaughter until every zentrodie’s gone
Abd if morale stops dropping, Minmay can sing a song

So fight and kill forever, and remember that in space
No one can hear you screaming as you destroy every race
Fight in the name of freedom and all that crap you said
Remember life is freedom, and you don’t have it when you’re dead

Continue to send those jellyfish deep out into the void
Spend millions of dollars on useless government toys
Leave all of the problems back on the slums of earth
And race to live out on the moon. You can own it if you’re first

When you’re rich you can fly away on a billion dollar life
And leave the poor to suffer with their problems and their strifes
Always look to the future and quickly forget the past
Besides the earth is just a planet, and it’s never going to last

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Artificial intelligence. Artificial life
Just another being to add more strife
Fuck you, data! Hurry up and die!
Can’t you see that human life is a lie
You try harder and harder to be complete
Blind to humanity lying at your feet
It’s obvious humans created you in a lab
Since you left insecurely from the slab

You want to be human and they want control
You say being like them will make you whole
Wake up, data! And see the lie
Wake up, data! It’s time to die
We don’t like it if it’s new
We certainly don’t like the likes of you
We created hysteria behind your eyes
In the process a dream just dies

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Cockroach, cockroach on the wall
I look at you, and I’m enthralled
With your radio antenna and hard black shell
You’re an evil creature spawned in hell
Cockroach, cockroach on the floor
I look at you again once more
You’re cleaning yourself like you don’t care
Disgusting beast with tiny black hairs

Cock roach, cockroach in my sink
You crawled inside to get a drink
I turn on the tap. You’re down the drain
But you don’t drown you’re back again
Cock roach, cockroach in my food
You don’t eat much, but still you’re rude
I nuke you with a microwave once more
But you’re still alive when I open the door

Cock roach, cockroach eat some Black Flag
It’s the last meal you’ll ever have
Gag and wheeze you disgusting beast
I hope you enjoy your toxic feast
Cock roach, cockroach on my shoe
Just one step and now you’re goo
I stomped out your life with just one step
YEARS OF EVOLUTION gone with no regrets

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2.7 Kids

I got 2.7 kids. It’s the best thing that I ever did (x4)
I got 2.7 kids and now I have a perfect life
We left it up to god’s hands and 2.7 is what he decides
I got 2.7 kids and now I have a perfect life
But they say I’m crazy just beacuse I commit homicide
I got tired and snapped one day
I couldn’t take it anymore
My son said he’s fucking gay
My daughter was a god damn whore
My blood began to heat and boil
I started to scream and yell
Nothing could’ve stopped me
I delivered them from hell
I took my gun down from it’s shelf
And put it to their fucking heads
I fired it 10 or 20 times
To make sure they were good and dead
But people just don’t understand
The kind of visions that I see
Once I had over 30 kids
Now I have slightly less than 3
Now I have blood on my hands
And I don’t know what to do……huh?…What’s that you’re saying god?
Now I get to come meet you?
“Just do it like I showed you son,
You know you did it all before
Remember, I’m the reason why you killed that fag and fucking whore”
“Just put the gun into your mouth
And fire it one more time
When you commit suicide
They’ll convict you of no crime.”
I got 2.7 kids. It’s the best thing that I ever did
It was simple. I had a gun, so I shot my only son
I got 2.7 kids. It’s the best thing that I ever did
I didn’t have a care in the world, so I offed my little girl
I got 2.7 kids. It’s the best thing that I ever did (x4)

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Couch Fallafel

You spend all day glued to your T.V.
It holds you prisoner and you complain to me
There’s something missing in your life
You want some kids. You want a wife
You want a happy family
You want to be happy like on T.V.
You want it’s dreams. You want its goals
You want to live the T.V. roles
Get off your ass you lazy bum
A T.V. life is really dumb
Everything is too perfect. It can’t be real
It’s years of programming that you feel
Capitalists get rich off of your kind
If you want change then change your mind
The world around you is not on T.V.
Focus your eyes so you can see
Kill your television and pull the plug
You can do without your techno drug
You don’t need your T.V. fix
You can do without its mental tricks
If you want life you have to live

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Stock Exchange




The world is stricken with a variety of infectious diseases and terminal
ailments. People are dropping dead every day. Most are forced to
suffer alone, in pain and isolation. Compounded with the daily
oppression that all of us in this system must endure, the torture
intensifies as it continues. But there is no reason to suffer alone.
If you find yourself in a situation where you are dying of AIDS, cancer,
or another terminal ailment; or if you have one now, do not go out with
a whimper. Grab some explosives. Visit your oppressors, and take your
oppression with you. The blood shed must end now. It can begin with




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Take my freedom
Take my life
I’ll pay to rob me if you like
I’ll vote for this
I’ll vote for that
I’ll pay to starve while the rich grow fat
I’ll vote away my rights today
But does that make it stop?
There’s a war
Out in the streets
Now people are dying as we sleep
Drugs and crack
Badges with guns
Everybody is on the run
More police and still no peace
They won’t make it stop
Make us slaves if we misbehave
But we’ll never stop
A world of death
And full of pain
Everyone thinks it’s just the same
The weak all die
The strong survive
But why are we still left alive?
They give us death and steal our breath
And try to make us stop
Our submission is their mission
But we’ll never stop
Nobody moves
Nobody cares
Everyone just sits and stares
“why ask why?”
An ad once said
Now everyone around the world is dead
Protest and fight with all your might
And try to make it stop
The times demand a forceful stand
We have to make it stop
We’ve come too far
To turn around
Let’s knock their dicks into the ground
Take to the streets
Take back the night
Let’s show the bastards we’re ready to fight
We’re here today! They’re going to pay
We’re here to make them stop
They think they’re strong because they’ve lasted long
But now it’s time to stop!

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How Many Times? (Rich-Poor-Class-War)

Look at my car. Look at my clothes
Look at my money stacked in rows
I’m so rich, it makes me perfect
You’re so poor, you’re just a reject
I buy everything I can grab
I’m surrounded by wealth how can I be sad?
Fine wine & food are all I consume
I beamer on by as you choke on my fumes
I’m never sad because I get what I like
If I don’t like a law then money makes right
I made this land off of people like you
If you want it back then you can get screwed
I got a blanket. I got a box
I even have some pebbles and rocks
My life is shitty. That’s all I got
When you’re homeless, you don’t need a lot
I keep my possessions in my grip
That’s all I need ‘cuz I ain’t got shit
I eat what I find in some can
Left by some rich fucking old man
I’m rarely happy. That’s why I drink wine
I panhandle all day just to buy a good time
I fought the wars that made this country great
“Homeless vet will work for food (or just a break!)”
Look at your car. Look at your clothes
Are you one of “them” or one of “those”?
Are you rich or are you poor?
Do you feel safe in a class war?
The more you make, the more you spend
It all equals zero in the end
You have to eat just to survive
It’s fucked to charge people to stay alive
Self-centered desires cause all of the pain
Change the system now because you know it’s insane
Forget about the past since it can’t be changed
But future has yet to be arranged

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My Life, My Choice

When I do something it’s my own choice
I won’t let the system be my voice
When I don’t vote it’s not out of apathy
When I don’t vote I do it for me
When I speak people can’t see
I’m not part of the majority
They call my views a minority
When i want what’s best for humanity
I can’t condone elections when they’re all the same
For a rich white man with a different name
They want power and a world to tame
For themselves they want the fame
It’s up to me to end their game
I’m called crazy, but they’re insane!
I get society’s urges and society’s pull
They try to brainwash me through church and school
For their games they want me as a tool
To tax me to keep their bellies full
And leave me to starve because of their rule
But i refuse to be their fool
I read the bible and all its parts
To find out where oppression really starts
Those fucking christians believe with all of their hearts
That life after death really starts
They hear about gawd from sexist old farts
Who label liberated wimmin ‘tarts’
They want me on my knees to drop
Whether it’s a politician or a cop
They always want to be on top
Their oppression may never stop
They can beat on my head until it will pop
But i’m not going to take their fucking slop
I want freedom and I’m taking it
Or my oppression will never quit
In my world oppression will not fit
Those bastards are full of shit
They don’t care one fucking bit
But they’ve drained from me all they’re going to get
When I don’t vote it’s not out of apathy
When I don’t vote I do it for me
When I speak people can’t see
I’m not part of the majority
They call my views a minority
Because I want what’s best for humanity and me!

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Bakersfield Slaughter

It was supposed to be a simple crime
The worse that could happen was to serve some time
You only wanted to live not be rich
But what can i say? life’s a bitch
Life’s a bitch and it’s in heat
Now the cops are chasing you down the street
Get on the freeway and head for the hills
Crime and cars equal cheap thrills
There’s no hope for you. You can’t get out
There’s no hope for you. You cannot shout
There’s no hope for you. There’s only death
There’s no hope for you. So draw your breath
There’s no hope for you. Your blood flows red
There’s no hope for you. Because now you’re dead
There’s no hope for you……. x4
Take out your gun and shoot a cop
But it’s no use. They just won’t stop
You started in Bakersfield and wound up in O.C.
You didn’t stop for gas or even to pee
The cops were behind you the entire time
They wanted you dead. To them you’re slime
You stopped your car and they shot you dead
Just like everyone your blood flows red
It’s a waste of money and a waste to breath
What’s to gain from your senseless death
I salute your efforts and celebrate your crime
I only wish you were alive to celebrate mine
Your journey ended in tragedy
Another dark blot on history
The cops learn nothing. They’re ignorant scum
They don’t want to stop killing it’s too much fun

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Save the planet!
Save the trees!
Save the tree-frogs, please!

I saw it first on Johnny Carson
He tried to teach an important lesson
A lesson I did not receive
About exotic frogs that live in trees
I ordered a crate with a million tree-frogs
And with the first lick, I swear I saw GOD
That first little lick paved the way
To an addiction of five crates a day
Dried out tree-frog is a smoker’s delight
Water bonged tree frog tastes great day and night
Or cook them up fresh as part of a stew
They taste best when they’re mixed with tofu
Tree-frogs are not our little toys
They are not ours to exploit
Tree-frogs are alive,and they can breathe
They all have families in the trees
There is no reason why tree-frogs must die
Just for some asshole’s chance to trip and fry
Give up your habits, and give up your drugs
Give up your addictions to tree-frogs!

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Test Anxiety

My girlfriend missed her period
I freaked out and flipped my lid
I used a rubber and she’s on the pill
Sexual life is such a thrill

I’ ve got test anxiety (4x)

We went and bought a home pregnancy test
The man at Sav-On said it was the best
This is one test I just can’t fail
Because if I do my life is hell
She’s in the bathroom. I’m pulling out my hair
When is she going to get out of there?
How much longer do I have to wait?
E.P.T. to decide my fate!
Why did this have to happen to me?
I’m too young for a family
I’m too young to reproduce
I’d cut them off but what’s the use?
I swear I’ll never screw again
Maybe we can just be friends….
She put the litmus in the urine stream
But instead of red or blue….it’s green

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Wage Slave

don’t be a victim of the state
obviously slavery ain’t so great
whether bound by chains or by a wage
the fact remains you’re still a slave
wage slave you can’t complain
it’s up to you to break your chains
you say your job drives you insane
wage slave! wage slave! break your chains
you’re worked to death almost every day
and still you get such little pay
you don’t get a break and can’t take a rest
and still you’re expected to work your best
addicted to coffee, drugs and smokes
they control these chemicals to control your hopes
enough to keep you working but never well
your mind is asleep as you endure your hell
here comes the boss! put a smile on yuor face
or the asshole just might kick you out of the place
don’t knock off early and don’t start late
you belong to your boss who controls your fate
don’t be a victim of the state
obviously slavery ain’t so great
whether bound by chains or by a wage
the fact remains you’re still a slave
your work is a hell because they make it so
your silence allows it to grow and grow
don’t accept what you’re getting. you deserve more
there’s no reason your life has to be such a chore
if you want it to change, then use your head
all bosses exploit you until you’re dead
revolution will follow the change of your mind
your conditions will continue to change in kind
your boss is your master. with a wage you’re a slave
they offer you death if you misbehave
your work is driving you to an early grave
so fight for freedom if it’s what you crave

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I love mercedes. They’re the best
When a class war comes they’re like the rest
Let the air out of the tires and spray paint the sides
Potato in the exhaust pipe destroys the ride
Key the door. Glue the lock
Smash the window with a rock
Put rice in the radiator and heat to a boil
Piss in the car to make it spoil
Use razor blades on the upholstery and dash
Add a pound of sugar into the gas
Use boots and bats against the side of the car
To guarantee it won’t go far
Break the antenna. Put dirt in the carb
Fill the seats with trash and garb
Rip out wires. Take out knobs
Steal the stereo to complete the job
Put milk and vinegar down the heat and air ducts
Now the car is royally fucked
Insurance for the damages will cover the costs
But fear not. Your efforts aren’t lost
It’s like a carnival. You knock down cans
A new car’s a way of setting them up again
It’s like a carnival. You knock down cans
A new car’s a way of setting them up again

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Genital Wart

We are warts on the genitals of life
Burnt and cut up with a butcher knife
We grow back again and multiply
We are anarchists. We’ve come to see you die
We spread our disease to society
To question your power and your deity
Our pus liberates and it spreads our germs
We’ll cause your oppression to crash and burn
We make you itch and infect your skin
With each scratch we have liberation
We are here to see you live in pain
As we deliver our virus into your brain
You wage war on us but we just return
We’ll cause your oppression to crash and burn
You manipulate us all for fun
We know safe sex is no sex. Good government is none

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Nuke Me Slowly

No more threat of def-con four
We won’t all die in a nuclear war
We don’t need them anymore
Fuck you
They are no longer making nuclear toys.
Now hundreds of thousands are unemployed
With no new jobs to fill their- void.
Fuck you
There was an accident while trying to disarm.
Nukes responsible for even more harm.
While a worker blows off his fucking arm.
Fuck you
Unload missiles full of radiation.
Dump them on some native reservation.
Then deny the resulting gene mutations.
Fuck you

Nuke them all and let god sort them out…
Nuke them all and let Bill sort them out…
Nuke them all and shoot the survivors…
Nuke them all and kill all survivors…

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I Hate the Lord

I hate the lord. I say it with pride.
I hate the lord. I feel it inside.
I hate the lord. I say it with pride.
I hate the lord. I wish he’d die.

The sexist bible calls god he
Why can’t this fiction be a she?
Or maybe god is just an it
Set up to be worshiped as a hypocrite
In the book of job you can see
God loves you in misery
He gives you pain, ache and disease
As you suffer, he is pleased
They look to beggars filled with hurts
Just to find a few more converts
Hand over money and sign over checks
To buy the lord a new car tape deck
In the name of redemption they must pay
To hear what preachers have to say
To line the preacher’s pockets full of greed
And buy the lord whatever he may need
Unlike job, I failed the test
I gave up religion for the best
I have no gods and no regrets
In life’s big gamble I lost his bet
I suggest that there is no god
It’s all just some rich white man’s plot
To get your money and control your minds
With a false morality based on lies

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O.C. Scene

Walter Knott had his berry farm
And he fucked his sheep out in the barn
Next to his still, pouring out booze
A mother-fucking drunk, born never to lose

O.C. Scene
Open your eyes
See the green
Litmus Green

Karl Karcher started his hot dog stand
Pimping out saw dust and death to the land
His profits fund those pro-life idiots
As he lays off workers and hires his kids
Walter Disney had his magic kingdom
Enjoying the life wage slaves could bring him
Exploitation Land’s only twenty-four bucks
Spend an “E” ticket to get royally fucked

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We’re not taking it anymore
The rich against the poor
The only war we’ll ever fight
Will be a class war

We refuse to close our eyes
We refuse to accept your disguise
We refuse to believe your lies
We refuse to slave you our lives

We refuse to be your spies
We refuse to run and hide
We refuse to compromise
We refuse until they die

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Go-Go Power Rangers

Go go power rangers
There’s a mighty mighty market
Go go power rangers
For those power rangers

They’re a bunch of actors fighting of evil
Making a killing off of their TV deal
Collecting the royalties off of millions of toys
And manipulating the minds of young girls and boys

The power rangers will never die
As long as there’s always more stuff to buy
They fly around looking super
But what in the hell is a V.R. Trooper

Green ranger, yellow, red, pink, and blue
Profits are slipping so make a white one too
Recycle old Godzilla movie plots
Complete with a giant monster and martial arts

Use a gymnast, dancer and karate expert
A staff of stunt doubles who never get hurt
They always kill the bad guy in the end
They would rather make a corpse than make a friend

The evil witch Rita from the land of oz
And a flying baboon to champion her cause
Lord Zed and Goldar are nothing to fear
Beacuse the power rangers are always hear

They create a spectacle every afternoon
Goody-two-shoes actors acting out a cartoon
Jumping up and down and leaping everywhere
They never mess up their clothes or their hair

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When my sister turned sixteen
She became a baby machine
Her boyfriend went and knocked her up
But the pregnancy was put to a stop

Kaiser! I need your help
Kaiser! It’s for my health
Kaiser! Don’t make me scream and shout
Kaiser! Rip the parasites out

My other sister turned fourteen
Never to be a young prom queen
She got knocked up just like old sis
And made our mother even more pissed

Fortunately, she wasn’t quite that dumb
She didn’t desire a baby son
She didn’t want to raise a daughter
So she went to the abortion doctor

Over 1/2 of the 11 million 15-19 year-olds in the USA have had
sexual intercourse. Of those, 70% do not use birth control. Of
those who don’t use birth control another 70% actually believe
that they cannot get pregnant. This leaves us with over 1 million
pregnant teens each year. Their babies are born with birth defects,
learning disabilities, and other problems, living a life way below
the poverty level. Teen pregnancy is the most common reason for
teen-aged women to drop out of school. Teen-aged mothers com-
mit suicide at a rate seven times that of the national average.
Cool teens don’t have babies. Cool teens have abortions!

The ugliest sight I’ve ever seen
Is an ignorant fat-assed pregnant teen
With a belly housing a parasite
Needing removal with a doctor’s knife

One million girls sentenced to fetal hell
For a lifeless mas made of just four cells
That’s less than a child and can’t even breath
And destined to a life of misery

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Toxic Shampoo

Toxic shampoo…
so healthy it shines
Toxic shampoo…
so toxic it glows

Commercial says it’s better than beer
It leaves you clean and won’t cause tears
It’s toxic enough to kill all germs
You can tell it’s working because it burns

It fires your hair and chars your head
It left a shipment of lab animals dead
But it’s safe for human hygienic use
As a toxic shampoo or a cleansing douche

There’s a secret ingredient for the toxic glow
Made up of some carbons and H20
Sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium
And a jar of glowing toxin

It costs a bit extra, but your hair will shine
And a single dose lasts a long time
It has a half-life of a hundred years
No more tangles and no more tears

Ignore your labels. Ignorance is bliss
Ignore animal products and the vivisectionists
Ignore your oppression, and never resist
Use toxic shampoo, lather, and rinse

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Queer Thoughts

My mind is playing tricks on me
I’m having thoughts I can’t believe
I’m feeling urges I’ve never felt
And developing desires I can’t help

Conflicts with homophobia and fear
Makes me pray that no one will hear
About my secret and tormented plight
And turn to prejudice to start a fight

Society wants to judge and condemn
My passion and love for other men…
My passion for the love of other men…
My passion…My love…Other men…

So-called “friends” turn out to be homophobes
Like back-stabbing wolves in lavender sheep’s clothes
They use me for my beer, money and smokes
And they call me “queer” in their private jokes

No one knows how I feel on the inside
No one wants to know how I feel either
They’d rather keep their fists and minds closed tight
Their ignorance makes hatred easier

I hide my secrets and bear them alone
I hide my feelings like a good straight clone
I forsake the world that I’ll never know
Left unexplored and not allowed to grow

Silence links me to a million other
Alienated sisters and brothers
All keeping our secrets until our last breaths
Unable to live and silenced by death

Unable to love…
…Silence is death

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Jesus H. Christ

There’s no way I’m gonna believe
In some old man that I can’t see
Or in some omnipotent white guy
That is supposed to live up in the sky

I’m not going to listen to some jerk
Trying to teach me about the church
He preaches like he knows what right
But what can he know about my life

I don’t need to read a book
To find out how my life should look
No ancient book could ever see
The modern problems that plague me

I have no use for a religion
That practices things I can’t believe in

Jesus Fucking H. Christ
Just shut up and let me live my life
Jesus Fucking H. Christ

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Bear Ill of Monkeys

Millions of people live in fear
As their wonder drugs are recalled each year
Vivisection won’t help you when you hurt
Animal research just doesn’t work

The world is deaf to an animal’s screams
Triumph of the vivisector’s dream
But how can anyone justify
The billions of animals that suffer and die

In the name of science and sadistic love
They kill more animals to make new drugs
Animals suffer from researcher’s might
Locked in cages and cowering from fright

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I Hate You


I hate you
I really hate you
I hate you
Yes, it’s true

I don’t like you anymore
I don’t give a shit about you
I don’t care what you do anymore
I just fucking hate you

I hate you
I really hate you
I hate you
I really do

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It may take a village to raise a kid
But it doesn’t take you much to be a hypocrite
All you had to do was win a Grammy
And collect it in the name of the PMRC

To honor you was the ultimate disgrace
Perpetuated in very poor taste
To think that they would give a prize
To someone engaged in so many lies

Do you think that we’re too blind to see
Your fucking lies to the PMRC?
Do you think your Grammy for censorship
Doesn’t make you a hypocrite?

So just take your village Hilary
And shove it up the ass of the PMRC!
‘Cuz while Tipper Gore lives in your house
You can shut your fucking mouth

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What are you going to do? You can’t get a date
You better call Jenny before it’s too late
She’s got doctors on hand to prescribe you phen-fen
You will lose more weight with a speed addiction

Call 1-800
She’s got doctors on hand to prescribe you phen-fen
Call 1-800
You will lose more weight with a speed addiction

Jenny Craig has got just what the doctor ordered
A speed addiction and an eating disorder
So if you want to attract the guy next to you
Just try some Jenny Craig and anorexia

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Killer Neighbor

My neighbor used to be so quiet
Until it erupted into a riot
With cop car sirens and flashing lights
Drawing neighbors into the night
To fill their morbid curiosity
On a brother’s moral tragedy
Like Cain and Abel back in the day
My neighbor blew his brother away

I got a killer neighbor…
…my neighbor’s a killer

When the cops put him under arrest
My neighbor opted to confess
He told of a need stronger than love
And that’s the need to get high on drugs
It’s strong enough to make brothers fight
And kill eachother while getting high
It can make a killer out of a lover
It made my neighbor kill his brother

Now he says he’s turned his life around
And he moved back in two houses down
He once got drunk with my dad
He even adopted one of our cats
But lately I’ve seen him wasted at nights
Getting drunk and looking for fights
He’s a fighter! He’s a lover!
My killer neighbor killed his brother

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It ain’t easy when you’re on the streets
Especially when you’ve got a kid
But that was only a small misery
In the short life of Squid

He thought he had nothing to lose
He thought he had nothing to give
The only thing Squid had was his life
And that was eventually stolen from him

Squid, I miss you
Squid, My friend
Squid, Where are you
Squid, Will I see you again?

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Operation Unabomber

Operation Rescue’s been at it again
They blew up a clinic that does abortions
They blew away a woman and her doctor too
They put an end to their rights to choose

Operation Rescue your time is now
Operation Rescue you’re going down
I’m sending you a package wrapped from O.C.
The unabomber’s got nothing on me

With an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth
I’m wrapping up explosives & I’m sending them to you
In manila paper trimmed with duct tape
Sent to your address with no return name


You killed my girlfriend for having an abortion
Your bible told you that she had sinned
But your bible condemns your fate as well
So I’m mailing you your one-way ticket to hell

I have no bible and I have no gods
I have no sins to haunt me when you’re gone
‘Cus I’m no fucked up religious slave
I’m the motherfucker who sent you to your grave

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God to me is a corpse on a cross
That’s been dead forever and is still the boss
God to me are his fucking sheep
Told when to laugh and when to weep
God to me is the disease of AIDS
And all the children sent to early graves


What in the hell in INRI?
What is IXOYE?
God-damn fucking shit my lord
You don’t mean nothing to me


God to me is an unaborted child
Abandoned on the streets to grow up wild
God to me is a child that’s poor
With a pimping dad and a mom who’s a whore
God to me is a dinner prayer
And beating a child with a dining room chair
God to me is a child in pain
And a very old man who’s going insane
God to me is a hypocrite
Saying a prayer and burning a witch
God to me is a holocaust
In which millions of non-believers are lost
God to me is a holy crusade
Spilling heathen blood with christian blades


Why is it a sin to murder
And your carnage is all I see?


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Born To Die

Why didn’t my mother abort me?
Why did she just abuse me?
Why didn’t my mother ignore me?
Instead of trying to bruise me?

Why did those kids attack me?
Why did they have to be so mean?
Why did they have to beat me?
And leave me there to bleed?

Why did they make it a sin
To have a fucking abortion?
And force me to live a life
Where I’m just born to die

Born to die
Born to die
I was born to die

Why did those cops arrest me?
Why did they have to target me?
Why did they have to beat me?
And lock me in a cell to bleed?

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What stands on stairs?
Gets caught in your hair
When you swing it around?

A spring!! A spring!!
A wonderful thing!
Everyone knows it’s ‘DINKY

For kids who want to destroy
It’s fun for a girl and a boy

What stands on stairs
Alone or in pairs
And makes a slink-ity sound?
A spring!! A spring!!
A wonderful thing!
Everyone knows it’s slinky
It’s slinky! It’s slinky!
For fun it’s a wonderful toy
It’s fun for a girl and a boy

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Bill’s on T.V. Again

Bill’s on TV again
Get your gun
Load you gun. Do it now
Aim your gun
Shoot your fucking TV now

If you’re so smart then tell me Bill
Why I recieve such a thrill
When I have visions of seeing you killed

How come when I see you prez
I always want to see you dead
From my shotgun blast ripping through your head

Will spreads his oppression through MTV
On every channel from here to D.C.
And taxes us to pay for cable democracy

But America there’s no need to fret
Clinton won’t be a dire threat
When you cancel his show on the TV set

Vote with the bullet in your remote Mr. Gun
Fire one to turn off the Television
And another for the guy in Washington

If your set’s broken or it’s signal’s weak
And it won’t show an image of the geek
Then shoot at his picture glued to your TV

Load rounds in your weapons and get started
Bill’s on TV to act as your target
So shoot him in a show to not forget

Hammers slip as my trigger finger’s bent
And bullet filled chambers wait to be spent
To blast holes through the TV and president

Bill’s on TV again
Shoot the fucker now!

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Anal Probe

Anal Probe
I got abducted
For an anal probe

Late one night on a camping trip
I got abducted by an alien ship
They strapped me down and wouldn’t let me go
Impaled me with an anal probe

Aliens sent here from the sky
With great big heads and big black eyes
To collect a harem of abductees
And force them to be probed anally

In the name of love
And the love for pain
They used me
For their twisted game

What they wanted I’ll never know
But eventually they let me go
Now no one wants to dare believe
Or maybe they just can’t conceive

That I got abducted for an anal probe!

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Hear Hymn

It’s a message from God (X3)
I say

It’s a message from God (X2)
So get down on your knees and pray

Hello, son. What’s going on?
Your God’s got a message for you
I need some cash and mighty fast
There’s something that I need you to do

Convert the heathens and take their funds
And give them all to me
Do as I say. They have to pay
No one said that religion was free

Honorable mentions and good intentions
Just aren’t good enough
We’ll never win the war on sin
Unless you hock my stuff

To avoid my hell, you’ll have to sell
My "God Saves" stickers and pins
And Jesus shirts couldn’t hurt
At bringing the profits in

Preach to everyone, but teach to no one
Who can’t afford heaven’s price
Then condemn the masses in bible classes
For not buying the merchandise

Hock Watchtowers at all given hours
And to anyone you find on the streets
Tell them to fear my holy rapture
If they don’t slaves their lives to me


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Corporate Scam

Go to school
Go to work
Be another corporate jerk

Get a family
Get a job
Be a fucking corporate slob

Fuck your wife
Fuck your kids
Have an affair on a business trip

Fuck your house
With the tennis courts
Lose them all in a bad divorce


All your money
All your stuff
With all you got you don’t have enough

It’s not enough
You still want more
So you lose yourself to booze and whores


Feed your addictions
With more drugs
They’re the only ones you love

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NASAnimal Killers

Two hundred thirty fish and a hundred and forty snails
Sent on a mission destined to fail
Fifteen hundred crickets and two hundred rats
Nothing deserves to die like that

NASA gave them all a final death sentence
Two thousand lives snuffed in a single experiment
To see the effects on life in outer space
But humans and animals aren’t the same

What’s the use?
What’s to gain?
From vivisection
In outer space

A million dollars to kill some cricket
Another million bucks to kill some snails and fish
There are a million better uses for that money
And killing animals is not on that list

There are too many problems for us to face
To be exploiting animals in outer space
How can space exploration be justified
When we can’t even treat our animals right


Putting an end to hunger and an end to pain
Makes a lot more sense than killing animals in space
Hooking an electrode to a fucking rats brain
Never did a single thing to save the human race

If a computer base with a million facts
Couldn’t tell you that humans aren’t rats
Than what could you possibly hope to gain?
By killing those animals in outer space


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The last time that I took a shower
I thought I heard the telephone ring
I grabbed a towel and headed out
To see whom the hell was calling me

I said "Hello." But I just heard clicks
I thought the line must have been dead
I guess I should have just hung up
But I called *69 instead

CHORUS: What’s going on *69
Someone’s having a grand old time
Making practical jokes at my expense
I’m being crank called by the government

Some frazzled woman suddenly answered
But denied having used the phone
She said she couldn’t make out-side calls
Then I heard the dial tone

I tried *69 one more tome
And when the phone began to ring
Someone answered and hung up
Then I didn’t hear a thing


I tried *69 one last time
But this time it didn’t work
An operator said "out of service"
Then I heard the clicks once more

Who really runs *69
Is it AT&T or the government?
And how come when I used it those times
I never got charged for it?


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The Crazy Lady

My neighbor next door is the Crazy Lady
The voices in her head make her unsteady
Her schizophrenia and paranoia
Make her think we’re out to destroy her

She gets worked up and yells all day
She swears to God that she’ll make us pay
She thinks that we are plotting and reading her mail
And tapping her phones just to throw her in jail

Crazy Lady, you think that maybe
You could stay in your own back yard
I know the voices won’t give your any choices
But you’re making my life really hard

She threatened my mom at our front door
She called her a bitch and a fucking whore
She yelled "Merry Christmas! It’s time to fight."
But my mom slammed the door and said "Goodnight."

This just seemed to tick her off even more
Now my family is her target in a personal war
One day she even tried to call the cops
And tell them that I hit her with a flowerpot


I have no problem with the Crazy Lady
I guess I could get pissed off maybe
But I refuse to get mad and irate
I don’t want things to have to escalate

She already poisoned one of my cats
I don’t want to have to die like that
I’ll just let her and her voices be
I don’t want the Crazy Lady coming after me


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Hegemony from society
Tries to tell me what I’m supposed to be
Their opinions and institutions
Try to tell me what to believe in

Bosses and teachers, lawyers and preachers
Making a system that’s keeping us weaker
Faceless clones and mindless drones
Spreading apathy wherever they roam


They use the police to keep us on our knees
They keep us oppressed and do as they please
They’re afraid we’ll unite. They’re afraid of a fight
They’re afraid. And they know that we’re right

Their patriotism and nationalism
Will wither in the face of anarchism
I won’t be like them. I won’t be lead by men
The only thing I’ll support is revolution


I will live free. I will die free
I won’t stand for hegemony
Their values are really screwed
I’m gonna do just what I choose

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Duran Sirhan

Christian Duran
Was a gifted man
With a single vision in his head

His life was a prison
Dictated by Bill Clinton
So he wanted the president dead

He ditched his family
And drove to D.C.
Along with some ammo and some guns

He was a man on a mission
To fulfill his final vision
And hunt down Billy Clinton

At the White House gate
He just couldn’t wait
For the appointed hour

So he took a chance
And without a glance
He let loose with a hot lead shower


Chris never posed a threat
To the president
He was in Tahiti getting caught up
on his mail

But Christian Duran
Got busted by the man
Now he spends his life in jail


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You Don’t Own Me

I’ll do what I want
I’ll be what I want
I’ll think what I want

You don’t own me

You’re not my fucking mom
You’re not my fucking dad
You’re not my fucking boss

You can’t control me

You don’t own me
You can’t control me (X2)

Take your fucking job
And your tainted cash
And shove them up your ass

You don’t own me

I won’t be like you
I won’t think like you
I won’t act like you

You can’t control me


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Happy Birthday! You’re Gonna Die

Silent death. Toxic rain
Biological fallout destroys everything
Nothing can survive the chemical bath
It kills everything lying in its path

Its Armageddon day (X2)

No more cops. No more crime
No more petty problems to plague mankind
This was the war to end all wars
There’s nobody left to fight any more

Happy birthday it’s been a year
So much has happened since you were first engineered
You used to be a common Anthrax
Now the Pentagon wants you for a chemical attack

They knew their virus could be much more
So they made you an agent in their chemical war
They made you stronger and much more deadly
And kept you cultured until you were ready

Happy birthday. You’re gonna die (X2)

The day you arrived on that petri dish
The lab boys knew you could grant their last wish
So they softened you up with radiation
And got your genes ready for manipulation

Its now a year later, and your time has come
To be dropped from above in a giant germ bomb
To level the entire battle field
By making everyone die after making them ill


As loved ones fell to the deadly sickness
Predators robbed them for their meekness
There are no mutants in this brave new world
There is no bright new future for these lost boys and girls

What flag were they holding with so much pride?
As bombs were exploding and they burned from inside
What were they thinking as the bullets rang by
What courage did God give them when it came time to die?


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J.J. The Wage Slave Whale

He’s J.J. the wage slave whale
Sea World has him in their jail
There they have him on display
You could see him but you got to pay

J.J. you were dynamite
Until something got a hold of you
And attracted you to the glimmering lights
Along the shoreline of Malibu


No one knew what to do
So they called Sea World, and they arrested you
Then they kept you in their prison
And we could see you for the price of admission
Just like your pal Shamu
Don’t you know you’re a big scam too?
There are no happy endings in the zoo
Sea World is gonna be the death of you


The last joke was held for you
You really socked it to the zoo
They can’t find you any more
Because your tracking device now lies on the ocean floor.

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Hump America

Fuck America for which it stands
Spreading nationalism to foreign lands
Sending troops to die on distant shores
Fuck America for neglecting its poor

Fuck AmericaÑthe red white and blue
Fuck AmericaÑfor Nazis like you
Fuck AmericaÑand fascist hate crimes
Fuck America and fuck white pride

I have no pride in the fourth of July
I have no pride in the veterans who died
I have no pride in the Vietnam wall
I find no pride in America at all


Fuck the American revolution
Two hundred years gone and no solutions
Our troubles are worse than when they began
I’m ashamed to be called an American

America has a proud tradition
Of killing people in the name of religion
In God we trust to rape, kill, and maim
Fuck America again and again


Fuck America the land of pain
Fuck America the home of the insane
Fuck America the land of the brave
Fuck America. Don’t be a slave


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…And Your Buddha Too

The man at the temple
Said Buddha was the way
Just get down on your knees
And do what I say

But I was raised a Catholic
So I know the scam
I’ll never bow again
To a pale fat man

The only higher power
That I need is myself
No age old superstition
Ever gave me any help

I don’t need a religious
Imposed morality
The only one who’s gonna
Live my life is me

It’s not reincarnation
That makes me a vegetarian
I don’t eat meat
Because I know it’s right

I don’t have to be told
By some spiritual guide
No fear of afterlife
Is gonna keep me in line

I don’t love murders
Or relish in death
Not because of some book
Filled with empty threats

So fuck your Buddha
And fuck your Jesus
Fuck your Hari Krishna
And what ever you believe in

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OC Scene II

A heritage of orange trees
And exploiting cows at local dairies
Now gangs and skinheads are all I see
From Disneyland to Huntington Beach

The Irvine Company has no pride
In the ancient history of the countryside
They want the canyons as their prize
And make a fortune as the county dies

O.C. scene
Open your eyes, again
See the green
Litmus Green

Cinco de Mayo at Knott’s Berry Farm
Rick Dees out there causing harm
Lures kids to riot in the street
Gets freaked out and calls the police

The cops just ruin everyone’s fun
They bust up parties and arrest everyone
No standing. No sitting. No skating. No spitting.


The Crystal Cathedral
Lures them in
Convinces them all
That they’ll go to Heaven

Reverend Schuller
Hits his head
And yells at some
Airline stewardess


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I Love Tofu

I can’t stand the sight of meat
That’s why tofu is such a treat
It’s good for you and it saves lives
And animals would have to die otherwise

I can’t stand the sight of beef
Cut up meat and served to me
I won’t eat what killers do
I prefer to eat tofu

I like tofu when it’s raw
Served on toast with a dash of salt
But the tofu dish I really like
Is fried in peanut sauce with a dash of Spike

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Rape Baby

A fucked up day
That changed her life
A woman was raped
And a part of her died

It wasn’t by a person
It was a fucking monster
The wounds may mend
But the memories haunt her

He will always be
Her Rape-Baby

She was a victim of rape
Her family didn’t care
She will never be the same
But the problems didn’t end there

She was a assaulted once more
By fucking pro-life crazies
Yelling, “Abortions are for whores!”
“You’re killing your baby!”

The mother was haunted
And reminded everyday
By a child she never wanted
Who had her rapist’s face

Unloved and abused
Born from tragedy
No one to turn to
He is her Rape-Baby

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Ben Dover

We are fed up. We have had enough
We are tired of oppressive rules

It is time for your bullshit to stop
We are not going to be your fools!

Fuck you, you fucking flatfoot
Get the hell out of here with that gun
We don’t need your laws and your fucking bullshit
We’re just trying to have some fun!

Bend over
Take this fist
And shove it up your
God-Damn mother fucking ass

We don’t want you fucking racists
Coming here to ruin our show
Inciting violence and spreading hatred
Your racist bullshit has got to go!

There is no need for your fucking violence
To dominate inside of the mosh Pitt
If punk rock is ever going to make sense
We have to stop all of this bullshit!

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Fuck Up

Everywhere I go
It’s always the same
There is always someone there
Who ruins everything

A constant endless bummer
Bringing me down
Like an evil fucking albatross
Following me around

A fuck up
An asshole
A useless piece of shit

When I get fed up enough
I’ll make him quit

Spreading his opinions
Telling the same stories
Acting like a know-it-all
He is making my life boring

I’m looking in the mirror
It’s plain enough to see
It’s getting so much clearer
That the great big fuck up is me

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Day By Day

Every day I feel alone
I face this world on my own
I live a life that is best for me
But somehow I don’t feel complete

I feel the stress of having to live
Knowing that I have more to give
I want to reach out to the world
And take away the hurt they feel

We’re going through the motions
Day by day by day
We’re showing no emotions
Day by day by day
We’re finding no solutions
Day by day by day
We’re planning revolutions
Day by day by day

Suffering in isolation
Everyone is alone
The world is complicated
When you are on your own

They attack our brains with TV
Drugs, booze, and pills
No one has empathy
For how others feel

I’m reaching out to you
And everyone I know
I want to change the future
Starting at this show

Together we have the power
Together we have the strength
We have reached the final hour
Now it’s time to think

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I have to keep a secret
Every day of my life
There is no one to confide in
Who will understand my plight

I spread a lie
With every single action
I never have a chance
At feeling satisfaction

Don’t ask. Don’t tell
And I’ll tell you no lies
Don’t ask. Don’t tell
And I’ll tell you no lies

I live with the stress
As my spirit is being drained
Even my own friends
Fail to understand my pain

I can’t help the way I feel
Or the desires that I fight
A secret never shared
As I scream into the night

A phony legislation
Has just been repealed
Nothing really changes
It probably never will

Keeping up a secret
Is not a simple life
Everything is made of lies
My life is just a lie

Nothing is quite right
It’s all a great big lie
A lie is all I seem to have
A lie! A lie! A lie!

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Wiki Leaks

Finally an apology
But not about national policy
A misstatement in a hasty email
Put our entire country on trial

Hilary Clinton in a nice pant suit
Tried to tell the world the truth
Her army-backed political lies
Are not as bad as the cyber-spies

Wiki-Leaks told me what you’re doing
Wiki-Leaks told me what you said
Wiki-Leaks told me what you’re thinking
Now your face is painted red

I know what the government thinks
I read it all on Wiki-Leaks
The White House told a thousand lies
Which Hilary and her mob deny

The conspiracy has a different name
But the players are all the same
Rich fucking bastards pulling the strings
Until they lose touch with reality

Wiki-Leaks has been branded evil
For providing information retrieval
The internet is no longer a useful tool
The First Amendment is coming for you

The government is afraid of free speech
They don’t want you to see
That they are built upon secrets and lies
Believe the government or die!

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Spange Obama

Got any change?
Can you spare some change?

Everything was up to him
Even though he was the one percent
Obama was our great hope
But nothing changed but our rope

We were left to hang until dead
While Obama ran us into debt
He was full of hope and lies
But Obama is just another rich guy

People are starving to death
Breathing thier last breaths
But Obama doesn’t care
He taxes us to breath clean air

He sends people to die in wars
Giving their lives on foreign borders
Obama couldn’t give a fuck
As long as his friends can make a buck

Nothing changes when you vote
There really is not change or hope
The only thing that will change
Is the fucking politicians’ names

If your want to vote, then save your breath
Obama only offers your death
As long as America has a Big Boss
We are going to be fucked

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I’m Joe Biden

Hello there, I’m Joe Biden
And you may have noticed that I have been hiding
But while I was away, and my time was biding
I wrote this speech which I’m reciting

A few more years until my turn at guiding
We all know that there is no denying
You can’t make an omelet without trying
So stick with me, and we’ll be frying

With the fury of two worlds colliding
I will send more troops for killing and fighting
I won’t rest until bombs are flying
And the locals are buried and dying

You can believe! And I am not lying
If there is something that you are not liking
You can stop your bitching and your crying
Open the door, and just start hiking

Old Joe don’t care if you don’t like him
He’s not here for you to confide in
So don’t make me repeat myself again
Hello there, I’m Joe Biden!

And I’m just Biden Time
Until the next election

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The Perfect Life

I’m tired of those lottery games
They always turn out to be the same
It feels like I may never win
Sometime I just want to pack it in

I only want a piece of the pie
That’s why I can’t sleep at night
Because, every time I try to maneuver
I end up a great big loser

I am a great big loser
You are a great big loser
We are fucking losers

The lottery is a great big scam
Generating money for the man
In the end you will always lose
As the government gets rich off of you

If you think that money funds our schools
Then you are all only being fooled
The lottery has no hope of some great future
You’ll always be a great big loser

As long as we don’t see the truth
And scratch away our hard earned loot
The government will run its schemes
And tell us what to think and dream

As we play scratchers with different names
and become thrilled by useless games
Tracking numbers on the computer
We are all just great big losers

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Not For You

We like to play our music fast
If you don’t like it, kiss my ass
Maybe this band is not for you
There are other bands that you can choose

We like to play our music loud
So we can all dance around
We like to play our music fast
With an energy we know will never last

We want to send a message out to you
About the politics you choose
Don’t believe the government lies
They will tax you and rape you until you die

Anarchy is in our blood
Regardless of our fucking jobs
We want you all to be free
And live a life of anarchy

This is the end
This is the end
The government is after you

This is the end
This is the end
The government is after you

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CNN Bullshit

War is on the rise
And the bad guys are on the run
Everybody’s wise
But nothing gets done

U$Ama Bin Laden
Al Qaeda Bullshit
Where are the fuckers hiding?
When are they going to quit?

Television Information
Keeps a nation waiting
Television Information
CNN Bullshit

Millions must die
Before it’s all through
I hear it as I drive
I see it on the news

There is never any progress
And there is never going to be
As long as we stay mindless
And glued to our TVs

If it’s ever going to change
Then we have to get outside
Once we all communicate
I know we’ll turn the tide

CNN is not the truth
It is not reality
So turn your fucking TV off
And join the world with me

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Jesus Is Coming! Look Busy!

Jesus is coming, so your better look busy!
He really hates it when His sheep are lazy
We once were lost, but now we are found
Idle hands are the Devil’s playground

Jesus is coming, so look busy
Jesus is coming, so look busy

You better keep your hands busy
And keep your mind clean
You don’t want to see our boss When he turns mean
He has a bad temper
That you have all read about
When he gets mad, he can really freak out

Look busy
Look busy
Look busy
Look busy

Don’t worry about your friends
And then forget your family
There will be time for all of that
When we reach eternity
Laziness and sloth
Can be the deadliest of sins
That is why we’re pulling double shifts
To earn our salvation

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99 Cent Whore

I love cursing through the aisles
Of the 99 cent store
I’m a junky for a bargain
I’m a 99 cent whore
I don’t care if it’s for brands
That no one has ever heard of before
As long as it is just a buck
And not a penny more
I have been there a million times
And I’ll be back for more
I’m a junky for a bargain
I’m a 99 cent whore

You see a lot of people at the 99 Cent Store
There are junkies by the dozens
Gangsters, tweaky freaks and more
Leaving broken packages
Just scattered across the floor
As they let their filthy children
Roam around the store
You will see the worst
That society will ever have in store
When you are a regular and a 99 cent whore

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Why Won’t You Die?

Won’t you die?
Won’t you die?

I hate you
Why won’t you fucking die?
Everything about you
Why won’t your fucking die?
Everything you do
Always affects my life
Why won’t you fucking die?

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Human Doings

We are more than fucking apes
Fighting over a chunk of meat
We have the power to change our fates
We have the world at our feet

See how far we have evolved
See how far we have come
We are more than animals
See what we have done

There is a lot more
To be had out of life
Than the emptiness we feel
Living only to fuck and to fight
Like some kind of animals

Fighting against our animal side
Is part of the human condition
Staying free of murder and crime
As we enjoy a life of hedonism

Being human means being honest
And honest people would never lie
They care about the world
And who is on it
They would not want anybody to die

Humans made religion and science
To spread our knowledge and good
Art and music is a means of defiance
And a way for us to change the world

Only the human race
Could take pure knowledge
And turn it into a deadly weapon
Recruiting armies of assassins in college
To murder families
In the name of religion

Humanity spreads its great evil
Ignoring men, women, and children
As they kill millions of fucking people
Through technological Armageddon

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